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Derby City Pizza Co comes to the Southend

A few months ago I was driving to a house showing in West Point and just as I passed Christie’s Cafe I let out an audible gasp of glee and excitement. I saw a sign that Derby City Pizza Co was going to be opening up right next door and I was thrilled!

Derby City Pizza Co, formerly PRP Pizza has been one of my favorite pizza spots around the city over the last 15 years that I’ve been back home from my time in the Navy. When my husband and I first met I remember us meeting friends over at the location on Greenwood and I fell in love with their pepper jack fried cheeseballs. Admittedly when I looked over the new menu last night at the Dixie Highway location I was a little sad to not see them on there, but I was there for the pizza and beer so I didn’t really give it a second thought.

Last night on my way home I gave my husband a call to see where our son wanted to have his birthday dinner that night. He’s 5 today BTW. He said he wanted pizza so I suggested with a little extra emphasis that we should try out the new Derby City Pizza Co that opened this week at 12900 Dixie Highway knowing that it had always been a favorite of his dads and mine. Surprisingly he agreed and I met them there at around 615 last night.

My husband told me there was no inside seating and the place was packed but I was totally fine with sitting outside near the heaters and so were the kids. At the time they were still a little warm from the hike they just finished with their dad but once they cooled off I grabbed a blanket from my car and we all snuggled up and settled in for some grub!

My husband was looking around and commented on what an awesome summer Friday night spot this would be for dinner and I totally agreed. Big fan of outdoor eating over here. There were a ton of seating options and cute stools in the front for outdoor bar-type seating. Or if you’re me, prime people-watching stools. Not sorry. ๐Ÿ™‚

There were no servers outside so my husband ran in, grabbed our drinks, and ordered our pizza. My daughter was thrilled to see spaghetti on the menu because she had been craving it for weeks and I rarely make it because her brother is a picky little thing and won’t eat it! As for the birthday boy he got the kid’s cheese pizza and my husband Ryan and I settled on “The Champ”. And when they say it’s loaded, it really is! It’s topped with Sausage, pepperoni, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, green olives, black olives and mozzarella cheese.

My husband refuses to eat olives or mushrooms so unfortunately (for me) we didn’t get them on the pizza. But he was game for everything else so we sat back, enjoyed the night, drank our beers while we shamelessly let our kids watch Netflix on his phone. Hey, no judging allowed here. Thanks.

The wait time was about 30 minutes give or take but that was to be expected. We knew that they were going to be busy and we didn’t mind a bit. We loved seeing our community come out and support another local restaurant brought to our Southend community. I saw Larry Davis, the owner greeting customers as they came in and my husband saw him slinging some dough helping make the pizzas too! He is so invested in his vision and all of his locations so it’s so easy to support this local pizza parlor!

Our pizzas and Charlie’s spaghetti came out piping hot and smelling delicious and we were ready to dig in. After we said our prayers. ๐Ÿ™‚ It had been a long time since I’ve been to Derby City but the pizza was just as good as I had remembered it. Would have been better with mushrooms and olives but hey, marriage is about compromise, right?

The pizza paired with my corona and good company, made for a perfect ending to a busy and fun day.

We devoured all of our food, even the tiny picky birthday boy finished all his pizza. And we’re already planning our next trip back. Which if you’re me and too busy to cook most days, or too tired, it won’t be too long. lol

If you’re out in the Dixie Highway area or coming in town from West Point, Fort Knox or Radcliff, make sure you drop into this restaurant, meet the staff, enjoy some good food and support our local business owners.

We are so excited to have this Derby City Pizza Co location so close to home and look forward to enjoying LOTS of pizza there.

For the story on how it all got started, check out Larry’s story HERE.

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