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Why I love living in Southend Louisville KY

It’s no surprise to anyone reading this article that knows me, I’m a big fan and a big supporter of the Southend Louisville Community.
I grew up in Okolona, went to Southern High School, and then after my stint in the military came back to my roots and settled in Prairie Village with my husband and family.

There’s something different out here y’all. And trust me, I know the Southend gets a bad rep, but I’m not here for it. The Southend that I know is up and coming. We’re bringing new life and new shops to Dixie Highway and it’s not just car lots and strip clubs like some tend to think. The Southend is a vibe and it’s definitely my kind of vibe. Don’t come at me, bro.

I walk into my local coffee shop and settle in for a morning of work, which really turns into a morning of chatting with the regulars and the owners because we’re all ALWAYS in there. LOL. I know the baristas by name, the owners, David and Julie are well known in our little area and I haven’t met a single person that has a bad thing to say about our very own little local Stomping Grounds Coffee shop. They may not have a drive-through, but they’ll bring your coffee right to your car if you’re not up for getting out or if you have a gang of tiny terrorists in your car as I sometimes do. 😉

If you travel down the road a little more South you’ll come to Christie’s Cafe, definitely a Southend staple and you can always find her parking lot packed with cars. Christie’s guarantees some good ol’ southern food with a side of Southern Hospitality that is unmatched.

I’ve blogged about Derby City Pizza Co before because we were definitely thrilled to have the newest location close to home and on Dixie. If you haven’t read about our experience, make sure you go check that out HERE. I’m really looking forward to those warmer months where we can sit outside, enjoy some music with a side of pizza and beer!

I love my food y’all, so I feel like I’m going on a tangent, but with these great shops, a new McAlister’s a few Scooter’s Coffee’s, and our local Southend BBQ joint, I feel like I can go on for a while!

And let’s not forget about Buff City Soaps y’all! As a brand ambassador and lover of all things that smell good, I’m insanely happy that I no longer have to travel 30+ minutes to get my laundry detergent and smell good soap fix!

The Southend is so much more than shops and food though y’all. I honestly feel like there are the most down-to-earth, kind, and generous people out at this end of town. I walk into gas stations and Graf’s liquor store and end up chatting with the cashiers for way longer than I should. I feel like everyone knows everyone or at least knows someone that is connected to someone else they know out here so essentially all us Southend folks are just a big ol’ family.

They say that sometimes tragedy has a way of bringing people together and showing others what you’re made of and I can say I definitely witnessed that earlier in the year when Madelynn Troutt was killed on Dixie Highway when driving home from work at Chick-Fil-A. A drugged-up and convicted felon crossed Dixie Highway, hitting Madelynn and tragically killing her. I’ve known the Troutt family since I was kid and my sister has long been considered part of their family and Madelynn’s Aunt. The way our Valley Station Community and Southend residents rallied around Marcie, Jeremy, the boys, and the entire Troutt family and their support system after this heartbreaking loss is something that will always stick with me. Our community can’t bring Madelynn back, but we do have a special part of Dixie named in memory of her so she will live on in our hearts always. 💛

I can go on and on about the love I have for the Southend, and the people and community that I love supporting. And I’m sure I will write more pieces on our lovely little area as we grow and new opportunities arise but when it all comes down to it, the Southend of Louisville is such a great place to live and I love calling it my home.

If you’re thinking about moving to the Southend, and would like some insider info. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I’m happy to help!


Until next time…….love where you live. 🧡

Ryan Cecil

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