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Hey, y’all! Switching things up a little and posting a little life update and let you know what’s been going on in my crazy busy life these days. Don’t worry, your market update and reports will come out later, but I think we can skip a little business for a few and get the rundown on the life of a real estate agent, photographer, social media creator, mom, wife, sister, new aunt, and ALL the things! Shew, y’all, it has been a busy few months!

First things first, I’m an AUNT AGAIN! My sister Meagan gave birth to the sweetest little girl and we’re all obsessed with her and love her immensely! Her name is Camille Ann and she is the cutest thing! I can’t wait to see her again and get all those baby snuggles!

Aside from that exciting news, ya girl has been out here hustling up some houses for my clients. This market is pretty wild and it’s hard but we’re out here getting things done and I’m thankful we’re having success getting my buyers into homes they love. I’m determined y’all, we will make it happen for you if you’re ready and prepared! That’s the key! YOU HAVE TO BE READY! Not sure if you are or what you need to do? Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here to help and you can schedule a consult by filling out this HOMEBUYER Questionaire. I’m here to help you, your friends, your mom, your brother, and anyone in-between.

In other real estate-related news, I was on a podcast recently with my fellow Homepage Realty agent Julie Hook. We’re both Southend Proud realtors and we love our community so we hopped on a podcast with Anthony Wright and gave the rundown about all things real estate, social media, and community over competition. If you want to check it out, I’ve posted the YouTube link below. Some good info and fun there so you should definitely give it a listen!


Ya girl has been on her social media game lately and I’ve recently teamed up with the one and only Darryl Issacs and he and I have been having a great time together creating videos, silly content, and giving back to the community with our joint tip challenge. Darryl reached out to me because one of his friends follows my TikTok account and she suggested he reach out to me and chat social media strategy. We met 2 days later and immediately hit it off and now we’re on a mission to dominate your social media feeds. ๐Ÿ™‚

Recently he invited me to photograph two events for him and I got to meet an amazing family that he helped after a tragedy and I also got to meet a lot of the local radio station DJs last week at a separate event. Darryl is a gem and I’m so thankful that we’ve met and become besties! I can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working on and if you’re not already following him on TikTok, you should be. Check him out, he’s hilarious!

As you can see, it’s been a busy start to the year so far y’all and we’re only 3 months in. Coming up we’ve got birthday parties, Derby, new listings in the Southend and hopefully some great weather! I’m excited that this year has started off with a bang and I’m looking forward to more fun in 2022.

That’s life in a nutshell and what’s been going on in my world. I would love to hear what you’ve been up to this year and if 2022 is being good to you.

Thanks for checking out my life update y’all, and of course if you need anything, want to grab tacos and tequila and talk home thangs, let me know. I’m here for you and the people you love!

Have a great week y’all!


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